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Will I receive a medal?

After a hard days running you will receive one of our bespoke medals.

Water / Refreshments

We will supply various refreshments including water, cordial, cola, sweet and savoury snacks.

Race number

Collect your number on the morning of the race. Please wear your number on your front and ensure it is visible.

Race Brief and maps

You will receive an email at least one week before your race. This will include all the details you will need for the day.

Will there be a bag drop?

Bags and property are left at your own risk. There will be an area to leave bags at the start / finish.

Race start times

All race times will be on the website. Any changes will be confirmed with your race brief and an update put onto Facebook.


Please ensure you inform a race official if you have to withdraw and are unable to complete the course.

Can I run with a dog?

For all entrants safety, we advise you do not run with a dog or other pets.

What footwear shall I use?

We will suggest suitable footwear in the briefing email. It is your choice whether to take this advice.

Can I use headphone?

We recommend that runners do not wear headphones for safety reasons.


Please do not litter the course. We don't want to be banned from using events and there is no excuse to throw rubbish on the floor. Bins will be provided.


We will post the results onto our website and Facebook page within 24hrs.


We aim to make your day enjoyable. If you have any comments, whether good or bad, then please help us make your next run with us even better.
Please contact us via email, Facebook or Messenger.

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